Done with this...

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Done with this...

Post by krm27 » Fri Sep 19, 2014 6:23 pm

So like others, I reached my breaking point with this game's rules.

I'd been playing hero mode very conservatively, mapping every floor before going down further, saving my best potions and wands and such. I went below floor 20 to get extra strong. Had plus 46 sword, was level 23, and most importantly had over 50 restore potions.

I had explored and mapped floors down to 27 without coming close to permanent death. I'd dropped below zero twice in fights and my automatic restore potion saved me and it was not really a close call, or so I thought. I started raiding the fire drake treasure room with the dragon shield, and it was easy. I made 20 or more raids on them and never got below zero. Then 'm showing my son the dragon treasure room battling a fire drake. I see my hit points go to minus six. No bigger, I auto restore will have me at 122 hit points and no way is this drake going to be able to inflict that much more damage on me....

Suddenly the game says your Dead and my hit points are at minus 33. The auto restore potion never kicked in. My only guess / assumption is that the game has a rule that if you take a second hit after your hit points are below zero the auto restore won't activate at all. Note, I've been playing this game a ton and it never dawned on me that this was the rule. If I had 40 hp and a restore potion, I figured I was safe so long as I did not take over 80 hp damage in a fight. But in actuality, I could die from 42 points of damage if I get hit with 41 points taking me to neg 1 and then get another hit on me for just one point of additional damage. WTF?

I've read other threads on here and understood you cannot get two auto restores in the same fig, but it NEVER dawned on me that ANY additional damage while in negative hit points kills you... Since the auto restore apparently kicks in after battle is over that means it's basically useless unless either the hit that kills you is the last of the battle OR you manually take a restore mid-battle.

Anyway, I had a lot of time invested in this hero, and saw it all go up in smoke because of a really stupid rule/setting as to how restore potions work. If my hero had taken the restore mid battle once I dropped to neg 6, then I'd have ended the battle with 90 hp. If he'd taken it at the end I'd have been back up to 122.. Why the hell does any added hit once you go below zero deactivate the one auto restore that so many players assumed they could rely on?

This is why you should publish the damn rules instead of making it learn as you go, cause the non intuitive nuances can be incredibly unfair when they surprise you.. He'll, I'd never have let myself keep slugging it out when my hp dropped below 60 if I knew THIS PARTICULAR non intuitive nuance.

After flushing dozens if not hundreds of hours down the drain, I have no will to restart or support this game anymore.


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Re: Done with this...

Post by Mrs. Madgarden » Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:15 pm

The further you get in the dungeon, the tougher the baddies get. I'm not sure why it's surprising that you would take harder hits. Restore potions won't kick in if you're already dead...
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Re: Done with this...

Post by kevin.L » Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:12 pm

Mrs. Madgarden wrote:The further you get in the dungeon, the tougher the baddies get. .

yes it does ;)
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Re: Done with this...

Post by tazy » Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:53 am

ITS GREAT..... :lol: :lol:

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