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Evolution of Fargoal — 6 months in 60 seconds (video teaser)

Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:29 pm
by freela00
Hello All,

Check out our fun video on YouTube...

For your viewing pleasure we present 6 months of development/testing "Sword of Fargoal" for iPhone in 60 sec — Share it on Facebook and Twitter!!

This video is an idea I came up with last night. I was importing six-months-worth of photos from my iPhone and noticed all the "Sword of Fargoal" screen shots from our playtests coming into iPhoto in quick succession. It looked way cool, so I started imagining music along with it!

I wanted to share the experience with you — reflecting on all the hard work Madgarden, Elias, and I have put into this fun project over the last six months or more — especially Madgarden (Thanks Paul). And also to reflect on where we plan to go with it from here. This 2.0 update is one that I am really looking forward to.

Please pass the video on and tell your friends about Fargoal. Follow us @fargoal and join as a Fan on Facebook here if you have not already:

Thanks again for your ongoing support of "Sword of Fargoal" on iPhone and iPad. We are so appreciative of all of our fans.


Jeff McCord,
Fargoal, LLC