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Legend mode you say?

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:28 pm
by Mrs. Madgarden
So, I was doing a little play testing for Madgarden today. On the new Legend mode. Thought you all might get a kick out of the outcome. :lol:

Rachel Pridham: wtf!!!! a powerful gargoyle on the first f-ing level?????? not fair.. 04:09:38PM
Rachel Pridham: I want my money back FFS!!!!!!!!!!! 04:09:46PM
Paul Pridham: Heh. What mode are you playing? 04:10:02PM
Rachel Pridham: OH FFS!!!!!! restarted, thrown down the stairs, gate closes and who's standing there? a gargoyle next to a chest...Not JUST a gargoyle...a f-ing VICIOUS gargoyle 04:11:09PM
Paul Pridham: !! 04:11:29PM
Paul Pridham: What mode? 04:11:31PM
Rachel Pridham: Hmm..fight the gargoyle or open the chest and hope it has something useful? Open the chest! BAM its a trap 04:11:34PM
Rachel Pridham: takes 6 of my HP (out of 10) then gargoyle attacks me...I takes me restore use...DEAD! 04:12:19PM
Rachel Pridham: legend mode 04:12:27PM
Paul Pridham: Haha 04:13:41PM
Paul Pridham: Yus! 04:13:43PM
Rachel Pridham: -10/11HP (right under the gate/stairs) must be a new record for death 04:13:44PM
Paul Pridham: I WIN! 04:13:45PM

Anyone who's said Fargoal is easy before will love the new update! :lol: