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Re: Who are you?

Post by efoss » Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:48 pm

I'm 35, and although I never had a C64 and never ran into Fargoal until the iPhone version, I've become a big fan. I wasted a lot of time playing rogue-like games during my formative years (Nethack, Moria, Angband, etc). In Fargoal I've found a way to scratch that itch in a much more approachable (and portable!) format.

I've only been blessed with one son so far. He's just turned two, and is my pride and joy. He, my wife, and I live in Carlsbad, CA near San Diego. We have lived in California since we were married, coincidentally 11 years ago ourselves! I met my wife in Illinois while we were in school and dragged her out here with me.

I came out here for work in the computer game industry. I currently do physics engine programming for a well-known game company.

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Re: Who are you?

Post by freela00 » Tue Oct 19, 2010 1:52 am

I'm Jeff, I'm 47 (I think, it's hard to remember).

I've been doing gaming of one sort or another since I was first in high school (class of '81 baby!). First with D&D where I ran a game as the DM with a group of friends. We played one particular game that was such an epic quest that I wrote it all down, made maps of the land, etc. I later got an account at the University of Kentucky through my dad, who was a computer science professor there. I played Adventure (Colossal Cave Adventure) on the huge TTY terminals — with the screaming-fast 300 BAUD modems that you had to actually couple the phone receiver with. The white/green alternating dot matrix paper chugged away printing out the results of my cave exploration adventure.

Most of you may have figured out by now that I was the original creator of Sword of Fargoal (and that quest talked about above was the synthesis of what would lead to Fargoal as a game). Way back before the genius of Madgarden (Paul) and the modern reincarnation of the game that you are playing now!

You can more-or-less figure out the in-between years by reading on wikipedia or searching YouTube for my interview, so I'll tell you a little about me now, today:

In addition to designing games (working with Paul on Fargoal planning while also developing two more games for iPad this fall — stay tuned!), I also work for a house moving company by day. Not moving the contents of houses, but moving the houses themselves. You can check out some photos of houses being moved by barge at http://www.nickelbros.com/

I live in Seattle (since the late 1980s) and have a wife, Rosemary, and a daughter, Lucy, who is in second grade. She loves games too. Both she and I are currently playing through all the levels of Cut The Rope. I finished and she is close. She also loves Dark Nebula and Dark Nebula II and can do much better than me on that! Lucy also loves Pocket God and Doodle Jump among many other games. She will occasionally through out some suggestions for Fargoal monster types, names, or game behaviors for Paul and I to consider, some of which aren't half bad!

Rosemary is proud of Fargoal having such a following and of our accomplishing the big task of getting it out there as a retro game in a modern world. But to be honest, she has never really been into playing computer games. She loves board and card games, mind you, so there's hope yet that 'if she tries it she'll like it,' as the saying goes. For that, as someone else said, Madgarden is lucky that Rachel loves playing computer games too!

For fun I *love* going to movies. Also, Lucy and I have been riding a bike and trailer-bike combo lately and having fun with that. I also need to do it more to get in shape and lose some serious weight.

Now that my Nickel Bros house moving work is calming down a little more (which it often does for the winter season) I will finally be able to get Paul the GUI screens and other graphic elements I owe him. Since the last time I wrote code was mostly in BASIC in 1983, I have the guilty situation of not being able to help Paul (and Elias) with the coding itself. So much of what I do has to do with two key areas from out small game studio: 1. The 'behind the scenes' stuff about taking care of business such as the company record-keeping, taxes, and organization; and 2. The 'public face' of the marketing and outreach for Fargoal. Paul is amazing with that too — a wizard with social media and keeping up with fans, etc.

So far I've gone to several of the big game conventions since Fargoal was released on iPhone, with the hopes of all three of us being able to meet up at one of the big ones early in 2011.

Anyway, that's a tiny look into my current life. I have a great deal of excitement and anticipation about where life will take me, and take us all, over the next six months or a year. So much could change based on all the exciting things in the works!


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Re: Who are you?

Post by TideGear » Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:21 pm

Hey, y'all! My name is Adam Milecki from Orange County, CA, and you may recognize my name from the Kick-a-thon, as I was a guest! I do independent contract work, wearing many hats for various game devs and publishers. I'm a hardcore gamer and, I especially have love for retro, obscure, and indie games! I'm also a hobbiest game dev with an upcoming alpha for my bizarre action/puzzle game, Rubicon Zone Warning. You can best keep track of me at http://twitter.com/TideGear!

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Re: Who are you?

Post by margiexian » Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:13 pm

Hi guys, Margie 21 from illinois..an
Architecture student, i have lots of interest that u would love too...hope warm welcome approaches, thanks!
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